Looking for an Austin Apartment That Allows Any Dog Breed?

Finding a quality apartment to rent in Austin (or any city) can be challenging when you have a chow chow, doberman, “pit bull”, rottweiler, german shepherd, or any other breed banned by many complexes.

As a longtime volunteer at Austin Animal Center, I often hear customers say they would like to adopt one of our many “pit bull” type dogs, but can’t because of landlord breed restrictions. Letting adopters know about places they can live with any breed is essential to finding families for our long-stay shelter pups.

Since July 2016, I’ve lived with my Staffordshire Terrier mix, Felix, at Tramor at the Arboretum. I highly recommend the complex for those looking to rent with their dog of any breed. Tramor did not ask me to write this review, but I’m  thankful for their informed pet policy, and hope other apartment companies follow their lead.

The complex has a small dog park where pups of all breeds and sizes play peacefully. It’s encouraging to see so many responsible guardians of “power breeds” caring for their well-behaved dogs, many of which were adopted from a shelter. Living here feels like a being part of a supportive, dog-loving community.

Tramor has properties throughout Austin, and all of them allow well-behaved dogs of any type. They seem to understand that the deed not the breed should be the focus. Tramor at the Arboretum has some of the best apartments reviews I’ve seen on Yelp or apartmentratings.com, so clearly I’m one of many who has had a great experience.

To find other places in Austin rent with your dog of any breed, check out Love-A-Bull’s housing resource here.

Bull Creek Greenbelt hiking is near Tramor at the Arboretum.

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