Ethics in Animal Care

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with a new organization called Ethics in Animal Care. A one-stop shop to find humane trainers, pet sitters, veterinarians,  groomers, and pet stores, the group aims to streamline the process of doing right by your dog (and cat!) via the professionals you employ on their behalf.

We’ve taken their pledge to “commit to continually educate myself on best practices in the field, to work to ensure my competency as a good steward of the well-being of the animals in my care, and to pursue a relationship that acknowledges the sentience of non-human animals.” Read more about the pledge here.

As veteran animal shelter volunteers, we’ve seen plenty of pets relinquished because of easily-fixable behavioral issues. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the organization’s Pay What You Can Training Initiative for dogs. Its mission is to “to help ensure training and behavior support services are accessible to all those in our community who need them. This is a limited, need-based service solely for those who cannot afford professional rates.”

Ethics in Animal Care is another example of how happy we are to be a part of Austin’s animal-loving community, and we’re excited to see all the good they will do!

Benny the adoptable AAC dog approves of this message.

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