5 Important Questions When Hiring A Professional Pet Sitting Service

** Guest post by Amber Kingsley**

Recently we posted an infographic on travelling tips for hitting the road with your pooch, but sometimes it’s just not possible to take them along with us in every instance. In these situations, it’s often best to leave them at home with a professional pet sitter.

This alleviates many worries, everything from helping to avoid separation anxiety by keeping them in a familiar setting, to giving them freedom from being trapped inside a crate, cage or kennel situation. When you’re considering bringing a sitting service into your home to care for your beloved pet, you should ask them some very important questions:

#1 – Why are you a pet sitter?

This may seem like an open-ended or unnecessary inquiry, but think of it this way: Is pet sitting something that is a passion for them or just a way to profit from pets? This simple question could find out if they’re truly a service that cares for animals or just a front for some quick canine cash.

#2 – Is there information available online?

If you’ll be using a service, you certainly want one that’s reputable and has a place you can access online where you can meet their team of animal experts. A company that’s committed to canines and cats should at least show some pictures of their staff interacting with animals to show they’re truly qualified to care for your beloved pet.

#3 – What about other services?

Will your pet sitter do more than simply feed your animal? What about exercise, walking, playing and interacting with your best friend? Do they have the ability to stay overnight with your animal if that’s necessary?

#4 – Do they have a protocol in place in case of an emergency?

While this seems like a no brainer, it’s still an important question to ask. While you’re sure to leave your veterinarian’s contact information with them, what happens if a problem occurs outside of normal business hours or your vet is unavailable? What is an alternative plan?

#5 – How can I communicate with you?

While you’re away, you’ll want to reach the person in charge of your pet’s care and not get the run around from an answering service. Will you have the caregiver’s direct contact number?

Can you text or email them with questions or concerns?

For more information on this important topic, see this infographic on “Picking the Right Pet Sitter for Your Dog.” See all the facts and stats associated with this valuable service so you’ll feel more secure leaving your dog in someone else’s care while you’re away.


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