Five Faces to Meet at Town Lake Animal Center

Austin Animal Center houses 60 pups at their Town Lake Animal Center overflow shelter. Co-located with Austin Pets Alive! downtown near the hike and bike trail (1156 Cesar Chavez), all the AAC TLAC dogs are spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and ready to take home immediately!

Here a few of the precious faces that  would love for you to take them out to one of the center’s four spacious play yards for a visit. Don’t forget that we offer 10% discounts to anyone who adopts from Austin Animal Center, Austin Pets Alive!, and Austin Humane Society.

All photos below were shot by longtime AAC Volunteer/Homeless Dog Hero, Devon Steiner.
Bjorn (because a Scandanavian name is suitable for a Texan dog)

Indie is a calm girl that loves attention.

Beautiful blue Rosie knows how to work it with her puppy eyes. 

Roscoe wears man-eyeliner like Jack Sparrow. 

Buddha can help calm and center your life.


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