White Cat Lost in Bellevue, Washington – $300 Reward for His Return

I adopted Lomé-the-Cat in August 2005. Exactly ten years later, August 2015, he disappeared.

Lomé was my first friend in Austin. I adopted him a few weeks after moving to the city for grad school at UT. It was my first time renting a place alone, and I was excited about adopting my own cat from the shelter. Animal Control picked up Lomé as a stray without a microchip, but the fact that he was front declawed and gregarious indicated he had previously lived indoors.

Feline Longhorns fan.

Despite having considerable experience with cats, I’d never met one as overbearingly affectionate as Lomé. When I was “sleeping”, he would endlessly rub his face all over mine. When I was reclining on the couch reading, he would insist on reclining next to me or try to curl up on my book. I couldn’t sit down to play guitar without him snuggled into my lap behind the guitar. If I sat near him on the couch, he insisted on reaching out a paw to touch me. Most adorably, he liked to “hold hands” by placing his paw in my palm.

During our ten years together, Lomé and I moved six times. The last move involved a 2,200-mile road trip from Austin to Seattle, which he seemed to love – so much to see from his car window. Lomé appeared to long for adventure despite his indoors-only lifestyle. He was curious about the outdoors, yet rarely tried to venture out. But on the morning of August 23, 2015, he shot out the door and into the thick greenbelt behind our Bellevue, Washington, home. He hasn’t been seen since.

We’ve scoured the greenbelt, plastered signs throughout the neighborhood, gotten to know neighbors by asking if they’ve seen him, checked with local vets and shelters, and set out a humane trap with stinky tuna. Nothing. The hardest part is not knowing. If he had been ill and a vet had put him down, that would be sad but would at least offer some closure. Instead, I’m left wondering if he’s lying injured somewhere, became coyote caviar, or found a new family to take him in.

If you live in the greater Seattle area (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah) and have seen this solid-white, slim, green-eyed, neutered cat, please contact skylinepetcare@gmail.com. He was last seen at 16200 SE Eastgate Way.

lomelome missing cat


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