Adopt This Rad Running Buddy from Austin Animal Center

** Oreo was adopted at long last!!**

This oreo-colored cutie is Roscoe, who was recently featured in the Huffington Post for his extremely-long stay at Austin Animal Center (AAC). Despite being stunning, sweet, healthy and happy, Roscoe has been a shelter inmate for more than 500 days! He’s managed to maintain his mental health despite limited potty breaks, playtime or walks during the excessive amount of life he’s spent in a concrete kennel.

Get fit with a friend!

Today is National Running Day, and we would like to recommend Roscoe as your running buddy. Shelter dogs have helped us get and stay in shape, and they can do the same for you! There is nothing more motivating than a Canine Fitness Coach smiling enthusiastically while you exercise together. Roscoe hopes you’ll visit him at AAC’s Town Lake Animal Center location (1156 Cesar Chavez), fall in love and become running buddies!


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