Batman and Robin: Felix and His Petite Play Buddy.

Are you in the market for a small dog? According to this study, lots of Millennial females are, so please consider adopting this little cutie.

I took Austin Animal Center chihuahua mix, Grover (A651921), home for an overnight on Friday. He rode quietly in the car, and was good about not coming to the front seat. At home, he ignored the cat and played endlessly with Felix, my 60-lb. mutt. Grover gave lots of play bows, rolled over to show his belly and was an excellent play buddy despite being significantly smaller than Felix. Grover initiated most of the play. Because he and Felix would not stop playing at bedtime, I crated Grover overnight and he was perfect – immediately settled into sleep and was quiet in the crate all night. Best of all, Grover had no accidents and seems very potty trained. Grover was Pet of the Week on KVUE, and greeted everyone confidently, however he was understandably nervous when the three big cameras rolled toward him. Grover has nice leash manners, and did well on a long walk with my dog. Great little guy! Please go adopt him from kennel D13 at AAC (7201 Levander Loop) STAT!



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