Fox 7’s Daniel Armbruster Covers Austin Animal Center’s Need for Dog Walkers!

Many thanks to Fox 7 for covering Austin Animal Center’s serious need for volunteer dog walkers. Daniel Armbruster did a great job of showcasing what a positive experience volunteering is, and we were happy to be featured in the spot. If dog walking isn’t your thing, there are tons of other volunteer opportunities at AAC including Cat Cuddler (um, yes) or the uber-cool Surgical Assistant, which sounds alluringly rad like Grey’s Anatomy for Fido. But, by far, the most pressing need is for dog walkers because AAC dogs don’t get out of their kennels unless volunteers (or customers) take them out. Imagine your dog languishing in a concrete kennel for 23 + hours per day – bad news, huh? So come join us! You can sign up to volunteer at


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