Running Shelter Dogs Motivates Volunteer to Run a Marathon

Thanks to Ruffwear for featuring us on their blog! We hope it inspires people to join us in volunteering to exercise with homeless pups at their local shelter.

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When Chantelle Wallace, from Austin, TX, contacted us and shared her story, we couldn’t resist sharing it with the world. This is a story of compassion for dogs, and that compassion turning in to a new found excitement for running. Combining the two can be rewarding, especially when you know you are making a positive impact for dogs in local shelters, awaiting their new homes. We hope you enjoy and find motivation in Chantelle’s story.

ChantelleSix years ago I started volunteering at my local animal shelter after learning that dogs didn’t get out of their kennels unless volunteers or customers took them – there was no staff position dedicated to giving dogs breaks from their concrete enclosures. This was shocking considering that many dogs arrive at the shelter potty-trained; it also seemed that most of the dogs were high-energy types in need of significant exercise.

I originally just planned to…

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