Looking for the Best Thing Ever? We Found It in the Form of an App called Walk for a Dog!

Yesterday we learned of an app called Walk for a Dog, which donates .25 for each mile it tracks you walking or running. This exercise can take place with or without a dog, although we discourage Dogless Walking, as much joy is missed out on without a pup by your side. The app is free, and funds are raised via ads on the site.

After downloading the app, you’re asked to create a profile that designates to which shelter you would like funds sent. In Austin, our options are Austin Humane Society, Austin Animal Center and Austin Pets Alive!

This morning was my inaugural use of the app during the usual three-mile jog with my dog, Felix, around our neighborhood. It was wildly satisfying to see that our morning exercise routine resulted in funds raised for Austin Animal Center. Huzzah.

Please go “like” this marvel of modern giving on Facebook, and don’t forget to turn the app on before venturing out for a walk or run (with your pup or a shelter dog).


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