Felix’s Twin Needs a Home

** Barley found a wonderful adopter and is thriving with his new family!**

Barley was found in March by the side of the road with a broken leg, having been hit by a car. Despite the pain he was in, Barley was always sweet and gentle with the shelter vets who fixed him up. His leg healed, and he showed himself to be a potty trained, water-loving boy who kenneled well with other dogs. He sits for treats and is very affectionate. Due to his nasty run in with a vehicle, he’s afraid of cars and will pancake when they pass him. He seems super healthy, and doesn’t appear to have pain or any problems related to his broken leg. Barley is currently being fostered through Austin Animal Center. He comes with follow up support from our rad friends at Dogs Out Loud who have done group training with him and think he has therapy dog potential. Let’s find this cutie a 2014 family!

Barley (left) and Felix are twinsies.



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