Love-A-Bull’s Fifth Annual Pittie Pride Parade!

For the past four years I’ve attended Love-A-Bull‘s Pittie Pride Parade & Festival, celebrating pitties and those of us that are responsible guardians of them. Thanks in part to sensationalist media coverage of outlier incidents, pitties are battling a PR problem. Events such as this annual parade of hundreds of mannerly pitties with their adoring families (often flanked by children) is essential to show the public the other side of these dogs.

During my six years of shelter volunteering, I have worked with hundreds of pit bull type dogs. I have found them to consistently be more people-pleasing, affectionate, good-natured and easily trainable than other types of dogs with whom I’ve interacted. Many of them come to the shelter having undergone severe cruelty from humans, yet their ability to quickly bounce back, trust people and love life again always amazes me. If you’re looking for a couch cuddling companion with endless enthusiasm for each day, I highly recommend adopting a pittie-type dog from a shelter.





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