Austinites Really Are Awesome – Citizens Step Forward to Save More Than 300 Pets

By Chantelle

On Friday we posted about the Austin Animal Center’s space crunch crisis. They took the unprecedented step of no longer accepting owner surrendered pets because the shelter was over capacity by more than 100 kennels. AAC and its rescue partners, Austin Pets Alive and Austin Humane Society, held a press conference asking Austinites to come out and adopt or foster pets to make room.

On Saturday morning, I headed to TLAC and Robin went to AAC’s main campus to walk dogs before the shelters opened. We were overwhelmed by the number of people lined up to adopt before the 11:30 a.m. visiting hours began. I became quite verklempt and sappy as I saw so many enthusiastic people waiting while I walked this affectionate cutie back to her kennel from the trails.

According to this press release, more than 300 animals left the shelter alive this weekend, which created a comfortable amount of room at “the inn”. Crisis averted. Among those adopted was Kazoo, the shelter’s longest-stay dog, who went home with two wonderful men that had recently lost their elderly, much-loved pup and were ready for an affectionate running pal.


My main takeaway from this experience is the importance of clearly communicating your problem to the public and explaining how exactly they can help you fix it. Here’s hoping Austinites continue to make adoption their first option, so this crunch crisis doesn’t happen again.


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