Fetching Cattle Dog Seeks Human

In my many years as an animal shelter volunteer, I’m always baffled by the “surprise long stay”. This is the dog that seems perfect to staff and volunteers – smart, pretty, potty trained, affectionate, healthy – but still somehow manages to attract no interest from potential adopters.


Coco the cattle dog fits this bill. She is pretty (hence my obsessive Overgrams of her on Hard Luck Hounds’ Instagram page), polite (although her leash skills could improve a bit), potty trained, nice to other dogs, FABULOUS at fetch (GREAT for days when her human feels too drained to walk her), healthy, and smart as cattle dogs are stereotyped to be. She was even a TV star on KVUE where she was 100 percent MISS MANNERS! AND she has a perfect heart shape on her abdomen because she was made for love. Yet … crickets … no adoption interest.

If you want to be the sensible soul that realizes what a dream dog Coco is and adopts her, you can meet her in kennel 48 at Town Lake Animal Center (1156 Cesar Chavez).


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