Looking for a Place in Austin to Rent with Your Doberman, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Chow Chow or Husky? Roscoe Properties Allows All Breeds!

By Chantelle

I’m a major fan of Roscoe Properties, which is educated enough to judge dogs based on behavior, not breed. As a veteran shelter volunteer, I see good pups surrendered daily because their humans have moved to a rental property that won’t allow their “dangerous dog”. It doesn’t matter that this dog could easily pass a Canine Good Citizen Test, or has cuddled with cats and kids for years; it only matters that they belong to a breed deemed “dangerous” by lawmakers with little or no dog experience.

Check out Roscoe Properties’ lovely rentals available around Austin at this link. And please take a moment to thank Roscoe for their forward thinking on their Facebook Page.

If you’re looking for homeowners insurance that will cover your Chow or Dobie, consider State Farm Insurance, whose policy is it’s “the bite not the breed”. Similarly-named Farmer’s Insurance is NOT pit bull friendly, and they’ve gotten a lot of well-deserved heat for it.

YNN Austin did a great piece on this issue yesterday called, “Breed Restrictions May Prevent Dog Owners from Finding Rentals”.  It features our favorite Austin Animal Center staffer, Lauralei Combs!

And here are pictures of my “dangerous dog”, Felix-the-Pittie, cuddling with kittens and frolicking in flowers. Terrifying.





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