Please Adopt My Golden Retriever Girlfriend – She Comes with FREE Pet Sitting!!

** Update on 3/31/13 – Zsa Zsa was adopted last weekend by a wonderful older couple who plan to take her camping! Felix approved of the match, but misses her badly.

By Felix Wallace

Hi friends – Felix here. Just wanted to let you know that the blonde beauty you can see me cuddling with in the photo below is available for adoption with a very special perk – My Sugar Mama (read: “human guardian”) will provide FREE lifetime pet sitting for whomever adopts Zsa Zsa. This is a real cost savings, friends. Seriously – Check out how much these Skyline folks charge to watch your pets (yeesh!), and you can calculate just how many green papers you’ll save by adopting my Mrs. Robinson, Zsa Zsa.

Other than saving your dollars, adopting Zsa Zsa is smart because she is able to hold her potty in the house. This took me awhile to learn because I love being excessively hydrated, but Zsa Zsa already knows how to “hold it”. Big score for your furniture and floors, according to Sugar Mama. And Zsa Zsa gets along well with these ferocious feline fiends I live with – she tolerates their abuse, just like me. She also likes all other dogs, even energetic adolescent muscle men such as myself. Oh, and best of all – SHE LOVES TO CUDDLE. Which is great because I like to live life in a constant state of cuddling (photographic evidence below), and the cats refuse my cuddles.

Please let us know if you’d like to set up a date to meet Zsa Zsa – I will be there to make sure you’re worthy of her.



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