The Perfect Dog Has Been Found!

I took Austin Animal Center’s Zsa Zsa (A647469) for an overnight stay at my place, and she was literally the perfect pup. She got along great with my cat and big dog, was perfectly potty trained, waited to be invited onto furniture and slept soundly next to me all night (no nocturnal noise making). In the morning she did a little potty dance by the door to let me know she needed relief. When we went outside, she promptly pottied – no dawdling. She was quiet, calm and very cuddly on the couch.

On the car ride going to KVUE, Zsa Zsa rode calmly and quietly in the back seat. At the studio, she was polite and kept “four on the floor” with the many people she met, including Quincy Jones III who came out to pet her after watching her segment. Zsa Zsa seemed unfazed by the bright lights, big rolling cameras or any of the other potentially “scary” stimuli at KVUE, and sat like the perfect dog she is during her segment ––196680251.html

This dog literally doesn’t seem to have one “issue”, and has a spry youthful zest that belies her years. Please visit kennel 215 to meet her and fall in love!


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