Happy Ending for Gambit!

By Chantelle

In January, one of my long-time pet sitting clients suddenly passed away, and her will executor asked me to find a family for Gambit.

Gambit is obese, elderly and rather curmudgeonly. He’s the type of cat that would most likely be killed at the average U.S. shelter because he doesn’t fall into the traditional category of “adoptable”. Yet I found awesome adopters for Gambit in less than one week. They adore him and still send me charming pictures and videos of him chasing a laser toy.

What was this magical tool I used to find Gambit a family? Craigslist. Despite stereotypes of parking-lot murderers and lunatics loitering on Craigslist, I’ve actually found many fantastic families for foster felines via this free site. It’s easy to filter out potentially odd people during initial email correspondance with those that see your Craigslist post.

Gambit’s deceased owner adored him – he truly seemed to be like her son. I think she would be happy about his new life. Here he is living large in his new pad:



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