I Dig Dimple-the-Dog!

** Update on 4/7/13: Dimple was adopted by a fabulous female grad student who attended a recent DOL training class with him. She described them as being “madly in love”, which seemed so true as Dimple (now Cooper!) completely ignored me when she was nearby. So happy Dimple/Cooper found his happy ending! **

By Chantelle

I’ve been taking this delightful Hard Luck Hound to Saturday morning training classes with Dogs Out Loud (DOL), a terrific group of people who provide “training, behavior rehabilitation, and high-quality care in a home-like environment to medium to large breed dogs dying at shelters due to high-level behavior problems that cannot be addressed in or are exacerbated by the shelter environment.”

Photo by http://bmjohnsonphoto.com
Photo by http://bmjohnsonphoto.com

DOL’s positive reinforcement methods have worked well for Dimple, whose unfortunate background doesn’t stop him from LOVING every moment of life. Seriously, Dimple’s joy is contagious, and I come away from my times with him feeling happier. Dogs are such examples of not letting your past dictate the joy you experience this moment.

One of DOL’s directors has a photographer-husband that took the pictures in this post. The full array of his lovely shots can be seen here. And another DOL director has a gift for writing from an animal’s perspective, penning this cute, funny, insightful “interview” with Dimple. Seriously y’all, this is worth a read – it caused me to literally laugh awkwardly out loud at work. Here it is.

Photo by http://bmjohnsonphoto.com
Photo by http://bmjohnsonphoto.com

I love the way they describe Dimple in the post: “Cute? Smart? Affectionate? Highly trainable? Dimple is the whole package! He prances when he walks, gives you his full attention when you talk to him, and has a wonderful, enthusiastic smile that belies his eager to please and excited to explore nature.You can find and meet and adopt Dimple by going to Town Lake Animal Center at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez and visiting kennel #39. For inquiries directly to the shelter, reference his animal id #, A634161. Dimple comes with a training scholarship from Dogs Out Loud and a waived adoption fee, free wellness exam, and crate courtesy of the Hard Luck Hound adopter package.”

One of my favorite quotes is, “Enjoy this moment. This moment is your life.” Dimple does that and if you adopt him, I’m guessing you will too.




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