Austin Animal Center Volunteer Spotlights

By Chantelle

Both Robin and I have been volunteering at Austin Animal Center for five years, and we HIGHLY recommend it as an outlet for your community service itch. AAC doesn’t have a staff position to get dogs out of their kennels, which frequently means they are confined without a bathroom break for more than one day until a volunteer can walk them. This is especially rough on the many potty-trained pups who will “hold it” for as long as they are physically able. I’ve taken out dogs who immediately produce a prodigious amount of potty due to prolonged periods of “holding it”. This reminds me of the many excruciating window-seat transatlantic plane rides I’ve taken with no bathroom break. If you’d like to join Robin and I as an AAC volunteer, please sign up here – the pups would be so appreciative!!

Below are the Volunteer Spotlights that AAC posted about us to their Facebook page:




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