Help a Hard Luck Hound Go Home for the Holidays!

Our friend, Allison Luxenberg, spearheaded the following awesome opportunity to help Hard Luck Hounds get ready for a new home via behavior modification at The Ranch for Canine Training and Behavior.

Allison writes, “Please ask your coworkers to collectively donate as a group and purchase a behavior and training certificate for one lucky Hard Luck Hound. Remember to send in your donation as a group and in January your company will be recognized as a sponsor of a Hard Luck Hound. On your check in the memo line write ‘The Ranch Training Fund‘. You can also donate by clicking the link (  Please note in the comments that your donation is for The Ranch Training Fund‘. Please pass this along to other individuals or companies that would like to help. Thank you for caring and helping make 2013 a great 2nd start for many dogs!”

Allison created the following fabulous flyer – Please share it far and wide!



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