Large Male Dog Wins Mother of the Year Award

** Updated on 4.25.13 – Kitten Season is here again and Austin Animal Center needs your help! To join Felix and I in fostering tiny felines, please visit this link! **

By Chantelle

For the past seven months, Austin Animal Center saw a record number of kittens enter the shelter. Fosters were desperately needed to save these miniscule munchkins.

My dog, Felix, does well with my two adult cats, but I wasn’t sure how he would be with tiny, darting, squirrel-like cuties in our condo, as he goes somewhat bonkers when he see squirrels on our walks.

He turned out to be quite the kitten whisperer.

The ten tiny furries that Felix has fostered have gone on to great homes, most of whom were looking for a feline friend for their dog. The fact that these kittens had spent significant time being “mothered” by a large canine was what most attracted these adopters to Felix’s fosters.

The Great Kitten Crisis of 2012 appears to have slowed, but Felix still looks forward to future Adventures in Feline Fostering!


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