Canine Running Coaches Available at Your Local Shelter!

By Chantelle

I’ve run three full marathons in the past two years and owe much of my running motivation to shelter dogs. In high school I ran cross country, which was considered “distance running” with mere 3.1-mile races. Since then, I’ve continued a few 4-5 mile runs each week, but never wanted to do anything as long as a half-marathon, much less the full 26.2 miles.

When I started volunteering at The Austin Animal Center six years ago, I would take the bored, lonely dogs on runs around the 3-mile Town Lake trail loop. These runs made such a dramatic difference in the dogs’ behavior (a tired dog is usually a mannerly dog), that I wanted to take as many of them out as possible. Soon I was taking four dogs on runs each Saturday morning, which was 3 miles X 4 dogs = 12 miles. Then it became five dogs and then six. Because my focus was on getting the dogs exercised rather than getting myself in shape, it was easy to work up to this mileage!

In May 2011, Fitness Magazine featured me in an article about exercising while improving the world. I HIGHLY recommend getting in shape with shelter dogs. You make them more adoptable and happy while decreasing your BMI – it’s the ultimate win-win!

To become a volunteer dog walker/runner, please visit

Get in Shape While Improving Shelter Dogs’ Lives!

4 thoughts on “Canine Running Coaches Available at Your Local Shelter!

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  2. Cindy

    I use to volunteer at the Los Angeles Animal Shelter in Downy. I would jog the dog around the perimeter of the shelter. People would watch me but I didn’t care. After a one mile jog I would bath the dog, put a bandanna around the dogs neck, clean out the dogs kennel and try and adopt out the dog. It was amazing to see the difference in the dog. I would spend about an 45 minutes with the dog and it was happier.

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