Pit Bull Awareness Month!

Did you know that October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month? I find the name a bit disconcerting, as “awareness” is typically reserved for maladies (Breast Cancer Awareness Month also happens to be October), and we don’t think there is anything malady-like about pitties. I am a proud pittie owner and both of us have worked with hundreds of huggable pibbles during our years volunteering at shelters. Pitties comprise the majority of pups entering shelters, and struggle to leave them alive due to potential adopters accepting the unbelievably-unbalanced reporting about pitties from uninformed members of the media. I have a master’s degree in journalism, worked as a journalist and spent five years in public relations, so feel qualified to question the press on their pathetically-biased coverage of dog attacks.

These two long-stay pups came out to support their pittie pals.

But I digress … back to the fun stuff …

Yesterday Robin and I participated in Love-A-Bull’s annual Pittie Pride Parade. I’ve attended this event for the past three years and been amazed at how dog scuffles somehow never happen. Even if you had hundreds of Beagles congregated together, a few canine altercations would likely occur. But they haven’t at this positive, star-studded event celebrating dogs best known in the media for mauling each other. We hope that someday pit bull type dogs will have their image restored and no longer be killed en masse at shelters.

It was Christmas in October for Hard Luck Hounds Toby, Little Bit and Queenie at the Pittie Pride Event!


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