Fun, Frugal Way to Have a Furry Friend!

If you haven’t adopted a pet because they are too expensive, or because you are a college student whose living situation is unstable, please consider fostering for your local shelter. I’ve fostered kittens and dogs for Austin Animal Center, and have found it to be an immensely rewarding way of helping to keep the city no kill. The shelter pays for the pet’s food and vet care (i.e. the expensive stuff) – you just provide the cuddling and squee sounds (I made lots of those sounds thanks to the orange kitten below) until the cutie finds a forever family. The Austin Animal Center is currently WAY over capacity and desperately in need of fosters (and adopters, of course). You can sign up to foster here and look at all the cuties awaiting adoption here. Fostering is a great way for one person to make a massive difference.


Adopt This Adorabull!

Sophie is a sweet, small, calm, gentle gal who gets along great with other dogs. She’s awaiting adoption at Austin Animal Center’s TLAC location (1156 Cesar Chavez). Sophie has spent most of her young life at the shelter, which is baffling to us because she has a rotund, roly poly cuteness that is over-the-top, squee-level adorable. She’s also a member of the esteemed Hard Luck Hounds program, which means she comes with lots of perks. Please do yourself a favor and head over to TLAC to cuddle with this cutie – we promise you’ll enjoy the experience!


The Ultimate Water Dog!

We recently used Wisdom Panel to determine Felix’s breed mix. I was sure he was part black lab because he ADORES water and is … black. I was wrong. His results were 50 percent Staffordshire Terrier, 25 percent cattle dog and 25 percent Old English Bulldog. None of these breeds are stereotyped to be water babies, yet Felix is a swimming fiend. Of the MANY dogs I’ve worked with, Felix is the biggest water aficionado. This is yet another reminder that dogs are individuals, not just replica exhibitors of a “breed standard”.
Here is Felix enjoying the alpine lakes of the North Cascades.






Dog-Friendly Destinations

Since Felix-the-pittie moved to Seattle this summer, he’s been enjoying the bevy of dog-friendly destinations the city offers. He’s also met LOTS of other pampered rescue pit mixes, and found citizens to be very aware of what sweet, loyal pups pitties can be. Felix rode a ferry to Bainbridge Island, and caused passengers to think he was a therapy dog because he was wearing his doggie backpack.


Felix was also welcome on a gondola that takes nature lovers (and skiers, in the winter) to the summit of Crystal Mountain, which also offers rad views of Mount Rainier.